Creating an ISO Image


Burning an ISO image to DVD disc

An ISO Image is a single file containing entire structure of your DVD.  If you are planning to make several copies of your DVD, then it is a good idea to make an ISO file first and burn that to multiple DVD discs.  It is also useful to verify your DVD structure to avoid wasting DVD+/-R discs.

To make an ISO image of your current DVD structure, select DVD -> Make DVD ISO Image from main menu.  It is a good idea to first verify your DVD layout before burning to a DVD+/-R disc.

Use one of these methods to verify.

Method 1:
     xine dvd://home/user/MyDVD.iso

Method 2:
1.  Burn to a DVD+/-RW.
2.  Try playing it in a home DVD player.

To burn an ISO image to actual DVD disc, select DVD -> Burn DVD Image to Disc from main menu.