Create DVD Layout

DVD discs must be in specific format to be recognized by standard DVD players.  Source video must be organized as Titleset(s), Title(s), Chapter(s).  You do not have to worry too much about this.  Varsha can organize it if you really do not care about Titlesets, Titles etc., and just want a playable DVD.

If you want to create your own Titlesets/Titles etc.,   Then move your mouse to item named 'Disc' on the left of main screen and use right mouse button to access context menus. 

If you want Varsha to help you create a DVD layout,  just drop your MPEG files on Disc or TitleSet or Title and Varsha will try to read your mind and create the required structures for you.   I myself use this feature most of the time.

For now,  if you want to create DVD with menu, please use ONLY ONE Titleset and organize your video files inside it using Titles.  This is a self-imposed restriction in Varsha to keep things simple during initial stages of development.   Most people should be able to organize their video using one Titleset and many Titles inside it.

Each source mpeg file becomes a chapter in your DVD.  So, make sure you split your mpeg-2 files if you want to be able to jump chapters using |<<     >>|    buttons on your DVD player's remote.  If you forgot to split your mpeg files at chapter points, then you will still be be able to fast forward and rewind.

You can even drag and drop bunch of still pictures (JPG) downloaded from your digial camera and make slideshows.  Just drop them on Disc or TitleSet or Title or into an existing Slideshow on your DVD project  (you can see your disc layout on the left side of main screen). 

You can move your source files up and down inside a Title.  Use up and down arrow keys in combination with "Ctrl+Shift" to do this.

For each item selected on your DVD layout (left side of your main screen), you can see associated settings/properties by selecting "Properties" tab on right hand side of the screen.  If you have a menu item selected, then "Properties" tab will show you a preview of the menu and let you adjust selected menu item's text/size/font/style etc.,

For more information on menus, refer to section "Add a menu" on this tutorial.