Burning a DVD directly

To burn a DVD Directly, select  DVD -> Burn DVD  from main menu.   It is a good idea to verify your DVD before you burn it to an actual DVD disc.

I myself use one of these methods to verify it.

Method 1:
1.  Create an ISO image MyDVD.iso
2.  Mount the image by doing:    mount -o loop MyDVD.iso /floppy
3.  Play DVD using xine by executing: 
     xine  dvd:/floppy/video_ts/         or
xine  dvd:/floppy/VIDEO_TS/

    The slash at the end of above commands is needed for xine to correctly recognize your DVD structure.

Method 2:
1.  Burn to a DVD+/-RW.
2.  Try playing it in a home DVD player.

To burn an ISO image to actual DVD disc, select DVD -> Burn DVD Image to Disc from main menu.