Making a menu for your DVD

- Create ONLY ONE Titleset and organize your video files inside it using Titles.
- Right click your mouse on the TitleSet on left side and select "Add Menu".
- Now, select the Menu on the left.
- Right click your mouse on the newly created "Menu" and select "Add Menu Item".
- You can repeat above two steps to add more menu items.
- Now, important part, you have to arrange menu items and select proper fonts/size etc.,
- To do this, select one of the menu items you just created and switch the tab on right side of screen to "Properties".
- You will see a preview of your menu.  To start with all your menu items may be overlapping.  You can move them apart by using one of the two methods:
    1.  Click "Auto Arrange".
    2.  Select menu items one by one on left side and use buttons on Properties tab (they are named Left, Right, Up and Down) to move the selected menu item.
- Now, you have laid out your menu, you need to link each item to a Title or Chapter.  So, when you play your DVD finally, and select a menu item, it will start playing from where you pointed it to.
- To do this linking, select each menu item on left side and using right mouse button click on "Jump To...".  You will be prompted with a list of targets to choose from.  Select one.
- You can provide a background to your menu.  This can be a static image (JPG) or an mpeg2 video file.   To do this, select the Menu on left side and switch to properties tab.  There you have fields to specify either one.  Do not specify both.
- Well, after this, I guess you can move on to burning the disc!